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Friday, 15 February 2008
Fear The Con - And A Little Child Shall Eat Them (Now With Sound!)
Topic: Fear The Con


Fear the Con is less than a month away. 

For the game I'm running, an ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN scenario, I've got lots of stuff to do between now and then.  I'm in the process of pulling together all the character sheets and player documents that I will be sharing with the table.  I still have some notes to flesh out.  And I want to take another look at the speed rules for AFMBE.  They weren't clear enough in my last session.

I have some particularly nasty surprises in store for my players, but you can always use more, right?  Because if less is more, after all, how much more would more be? 

I've probably got eight hours worth of game ready for what will be less than a four hour session.  That's my comfort zone, though.

Professional voice actor and long time friend Gary (who once rolled my lip up in his car window) recorded a nifty promo for me.  Take a listen.  It makes me giggle.

And A Little Child Shall Eat Them

The zombie apocalypse is just weeks away... 

Aron Head 

Posted by Aron Head at 11:08 PM CST
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Sunday, 13 January 2008
Fear The Con - I've Got A Full Table
Topic: Fear The Con

I've got butts in each of the allotted seats for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten game I am running at March 8th's Fear The Boot sponsored Fear The Con to be held in St. Charles, Mo.  Awfully thoughtful, I tell you, because the zombies appreciate having a choice when dining.

Also, FTB host Dan Repperger (He-of-the-Long-Hair) has opened up a second offering of his Danverse game, Epoch of Rysos.  Dan speaks of his homegrown, far future setting often on the podcast and man, I am sold.   The first session booked up fast and I missed out.  But by golly I got in on the second offering!

Now, if I could just land a game of Skies of Glass...! 

Aron Head 

Posted by Aron Head at 7:06 PM CST
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Saturday, 5 January 2008
Fear The Con - Just One Seat Left in My Game!
Topic: Fear The Con

Just one seat left in the ALL FLESH MUST BE EATEN game that I'll be running at March 8th's Fear The Con in beautiful, scenic St. Charles, Missouri.  Sign up fast!  You don't want to miss the opportunity to have your flesh devoured when the zombie apocalypse rolls in to the sleepy township of Calhoun.

Aron Head



Posted by Aron Head at 7:25 AM CST
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Friday, 21 December 2007
Going to Fear The Con
Topic: Fear The Con

It is official.  I will be attending Fear the Con in beautiful, scenic St Charles, Mo on March 8, 2008 where I will be playing in a couple of wonderful games and even running my own.

Fear the Con is coordinated by the boys from Fear The Boot, simply the best RPG podcast around.

I'll be arriving on Friday night so that I can participate in World Wide Wing Night, then on Saturday I will be GMing an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game at the con.  I've never run a game at a convention before.  This should be fun. 

I'll be covering the pre-con announcements here on the blog and will be blogging from St Charles during the event.  So bookmark the 'Bastard for updates!

Aron Head 



Posted by Aron Head at 11:13 PM CST
Updated: Friday, 21 December 2007 11:33 PM CST
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